Inside Rewards is a membership program from The 707 Company, giving you privileged treatments, offers, and discounts, to improve your shopping experience.

To join the Insider Rewards membership program, please visit one of 707 Company group stores and register.

Yes, 707 Company will ensure the confidentiality and security of any personal information you share with us.

You can use your Insider Rewards membership at all 707 Company stores.

Members will receive benefits based on their membership level. To access these benefits, please follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Insider Rewards portal website at
  • Navigate to the “Profile” menu, and then click on the “Benefits” menu.

Members will receive 10% point rewards on every regular item transaction.

Members can use their points from the offline transactions in the following ways:

  • Points redemption can be processed at all 707 Company stores. Please visit the member portal page at to check your balance and active period before redeeming your points.
  • Members can determine the number of points to be redeemed by filling in the provided fields.
  • Our staff will then assist you in completing the process.
  • Your points have already been redeemed.

You can get information about your Insider Rewards account details, rewards, and benefits through the Insider Rewards page at

To log in to your member account, please follow these easy steps :

  • Sign in or sign up with your account.
  • Fill in the mobile phone details with the mobile number registered as a member.
  • Please click on the "Insider Rewards" menu to open your membership account.

Members can earn points by buying non-discounted products only, with no minimum spending. Points will automatically be added to your account after the purchase is processed.

Members can use their points for online transactions in the following ways:

  • Please visit the Insider Rewards menu at your online account to check your balance & active period before redeeming your points.
  • Members can determine the nominal points to be redeemed by filling in the fields provided.

If your member account is not open, please check your phone number details. The phone number detail must be the same as the phone number that you registered as a member.

Upon the return of an item is received, you will get back your point rewards applied to that purchase.

You can not combine your point rewards redeemed with other promotions.

Yes, your point rewards will expire 1 year after the transaction date, and the membership program will expire 2 years after the member has not made any transactions.

If your membership expires due to inactivity for 2 years, the system automatically deletes it, including any accumulated points, and the member needs to register again.